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  Linden : Centre for Contemporary Arts, St Kilda, 2007

In the Making: Same footage x 4

Same footage x 4  -  DVD, colour, no sound, approx. 14 mins

Section  - wall work.


This site determined digital installation uses the idea of construction,

related to specific spaces, to explore the nature of memory.

It has its origins in two buildings:

Linden - the building where the footage is shown and

Ambleside - the building where the footage is taken.

Both buildings are from the same era.

There is an emphasis on structure – architectural structure and the building blocks of visual art.




  Tollhouse Kings Bridge Gorge Cottage Residency Launceston, Tasmania 2007


DVD projection


Connections is outside, inside and voyeuristic.

The tollhouse is an in between space neither inside

or outside. What is seen outside from the tollhouse

window is projected inside and the projection echoes

the format of the existing windows.

There is a strange interplay at times between passers

by revealed through the real window and those in the

projection. Is the projection in real time or virtual time?

Connections draws parallels between the bridge and the

tollhouse - it talks about place and time.



  Tollhouse Kings Bridge Gorge Cottage Residency Launceston, Tasmania 2007

Connections (2) 19 May

DVD projection


The Tollhouse was built in the 1890's

and a fee was charged for promenading

along the Gorge track. Today tourists and locals make

constant use of the track along the gorge.

Connections (2) recorded all the walkers that used the

Gorge track on May 19th 2007.



  Toyota Building and Toyota Community Spirit gallery, Port Melbourne, 2006

Symbiotics: Indoor outdoor sculpture exhibition


In the Making  Site-specific video installation

                  Made and found objects

Unhinged  DVD plasma screen

In Time      DVD projection

A building is not just a physical structure in the minds of people. It is also a place of memory and experience. This project is a reflection on the real and its virtual associated with memory. There is the idea of continual construction and an awareness of physical labour and effort that surrounds the making and habitation of a building.



  Conical, 3 Rochester Street, Fitzroy, 2005
Reflection Resemble Remember Site-specific installation 2005
Volume of things:
Cable-absent B/W lambda printed photograph, colour lambda printed photograph
Table-absent copper enclosed cable
Armchair-absent copper enclosed cable
Wall-absent copper enclosed cable
Lamp-absent copper enclosed cable

Conical Gallery is a divided space combining the old and the new. I maintained this physical division to explore an aspect of city living as it is now with reminders of what once, might have been.


  150-156 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, 2003
Behindhereandyonder Site-specific installation Dante’s Upstairs Gallery 2003
Windows found objects- bricks
  constructed objects- acrylic bricks
Video Stills seven Lambda prints
Braces nine acrylic constructions
21:56:08 DVD projection
8:03:23 DVD projection. Includes original footage from ScreenSound Australia, the National Screen and Sound Archive courtesy of the Queensland Museum.

I chose this site because it had a long, standing tradition as a family business. There were other attractions; in the late 1800’s Henri Bergson was born and the Lumière brothers were working on a machine they would call the cinematograph. Dante’s Upstairs Gallery was named after the author of the epic poem The Divine Comedy a philosophical study of life that conjured up images of light and dark progressing from the inferno to heaven.


  Nicholas Building, Swanston Street, Melbourne, 2002
Continuum (4) Site-specific installation Stephen McLaughlan Gallery - 2002
DVD, DVD player, projector

I left a noisy street catching a lift up eight floors to a place that was unnaturally quiet. You were drawn to the view from the large, panoramic windows and could look directly down at a soundless intersection and the silent progression of trams along Melbourne’s main thoroughfare. There was something odd about being so divorced from life. I added the sound of trams and traffic to a video image that was almost completely reduced to moving lines of yellow and green light.


  Storey Hall Building, Swanston Street, Melbourne, 2002
First Site Unhinged Site-specific installation First Site Gallery 2002
Found objects-bricks
Made construction-wood
DVD,DVD player, projector

The walls of the large heritage-listed brick building which houses the First Site Gallery are two and sometimes three bricks thick. It has attractive and distinctive features such as large arches, stairs that disappear into the walls, exposed pipes and a scalloped ceiling. It was a place of the past that now had an uninhabited stillness. I wanted to focus attention on this site, its structure and its function, without significantly altering the site. The integrity of the site was paramount.


  Gossard Building, 49 Franklin Street, Melbourne, 2000
Gossard Space Site-specific installation 2000
found object

The Gossard building had many interesting features such as an extremely high ceiling with exposed girders, different struts and pipes and windows that resembled a large grid. I painted the underside of some, not all features in this space, such as the power points, parts of the doorframe and windows, in an effort to bring light to forgotten, unnoticed areas. I used yellow because it was the closest colour to light and reflected the colour of the pipe above. I then measured these areas in the same coloured rope, which I laid out down the centre of the room.

Passage Site-specific installation in the Gossard building 2001
Metal hook
Dark water

The bucket and its reflective contents were connected to the whole infrastructure of the building to create a giant continuum. I wanted people to notice the length of the corridor, its narrowness, the lights above, the sound, the vibration, the slow integration of space, time and place.

Capsized Site-specific installation in the Gossard building 2000
Video projection

The video was projected in a way that made it awkward for the viewer to see, low, cramped and congested in a space you might have been passing, a space you might now be drawn to because of the introduced sound.


  St. Kilda Railway Station, 60 Fitzroy Street, St. Kilda, 1998
1857 St. Kilda Railway Station
1994 STOP 22 Gallery
1999 Hotel and shopping complex

Derailment Site-specific installation 1998
Untitled Place - Four wooden constructions
1857- 1998 - Two videos, two video monitors. Includes original footage from ScreenSound Australia, the National Screen and Sound Archive.
Cross Section - two prints on somerset paper

The word derailment suggests an abnormality, a shift - it was used to reference the forthcoming closure of the Gallery STOP22 and the possible loss of the historical railway building. I wanted to explore the architectural features and space of the Gallery to focus attention on the fact that a building is not just a physical structure in the minds of people, it is also a place of memory and experience.

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